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Every model from our 32 XR to the 40 XCC is handcrafted by the Chris Schoenbohm team.

Smart Performance Marine

Blending Art and Science

The Phoenix lineup of catamarans by Smart Performance Marine may be new to the consumer market, but their design and construction are the product of two decades of modifying, designing, rigging, and building high-performance outboard catamarans for offshore racing and pleasure boating.

Founder, owner and designer Chris Schoenbohm bought his first race boat in 2003 and won the Super Boat International (SBI) World Championships in 2014 driving a Doug Wright-built catamaran that he had cut in half, widened and modified heavily for better turning.

That boat’s modified running surface was the genesis of today’s Phoenix Variable Speed Running Surface, a third-generation design that places primary importance on handling, turning and driver feedback without sacrificing world-class acceleration, speed and efficiency.

Every Phoenix is built to the highest standards in the industry with state-of-the-art engineered laminates and coring, epoxy resin, and full vacuum infusion of hulls, deck and bulkheads, yielding not only an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio but also class-leading safety. We back our hulls with a limited LIFETIME warranty.

Explore our lineup of performance offshore catamarans, including the purebred 32XR race boat, the 34XPR and 37XPR race-inspired poker run boats, and the innovative 37XCC and 40XCC, high-performance, air-packing catamaran with a versatile center console layout. The Phoenix offshore racing and poker run boats are the premier performance catamarans. Contact us to get details on your next performance boat.

The Smart Performance Marine Difference

There are numerous catamaran speed boat manufacturers offering racing, poker run, and even center console configurations. They vary widely in performance, build quality, aesthetics, amenities, and, of course, price point. Most of them represent a good fit for the right kind of buyer, whether that buyer is most concerned with speed, versatility, luxury, value, or some combination.

So where do Smart Performance Marine and the Phoenix line of catamarans fit in? We’re guided by an unwavering commitment to several key ideas and characteristics:

Safety and Strength

Building safe, strong boats is our utmost priority. Our designs, materials and construction techniques are tested and proven on the offshore racing circuit under the most rigorous conditions on the planet. No production Schoenbohm-built hull has ever failed on the race course or anywhere else. We’re so confident in our hulls that we offer a lifetime warranty against structural failure.

Superior Drivability

Anybody can go fast with enough power hanging off the transom. We emphasize speed and performance through design. The Phoenix running surface has been exhaustively refined not just for acceleration and straight-line speed but also superior handling, especially through turns. Our hulls provide proper driver feedback for comfort, confidence and fun behind the wheel.

Personalized Service

Higher-volume production builders can turn out more boats for fewer dollars than a smaller, semi-custom shop like Smart Performance Marine. But it’s important to us that buyers have the opportunity to see everything about how we build boats and to be an integral part of the construction of their own. Each of our boats is personally built by owner Chris Schoenbohm and a core team of craftsmen. 

Solid Value

We’re not trying to be the lowest priced performance cat on the market, but we do strive to offer the best value. Counterintuitively, our 100% vacuum resin infusion process helps us do that by dramatically reducing waste of resin and other consumables and streamlining lamination. With resin infusion, we’re able to produce a lighter, stronger product using roughly half the resin and far fewer man-hours than would be required for conventional hand lamination or even vacuum bagging.

Racing Pedigree

Owner and founder Chris Schoenbohm is a widely experienced powerboat racer with a world championship under his belt. He has personally refined the Phoenix platform over the span of nearly a decade and is directly involved in the construction and rigging of every Smart Performance Marine boat. The Phoenix catamarans we build for our customers are identical in design and construction to the catamarans we race in the superboat stock class.

Innovation and Science

We innovate every day. Our team has a proven approach to creating some of the highest-performing catamaran boats available, but we never miss the to improve on everything we do. We constantly pay attention to our chemical mixtures,  our infusion process, flow rates and ultimately weight and rigidity of every boat. Each boat includes a lifetime warranty that we fully back due to the quality, innovation and science used to hand-craft Phoenix boats.


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