Phoenix 37 XPR

Smart Performance Marine 37 XPR

The Ultimate Big Water Poker Run Boat

Semi-custom build to each owners specifications:

  • Catamaran Hull
  • Hull: Built with high modulus carbon Innegra and E-glass laminates
  • Powerplant: Twin Mercury Racing 400R, 450R or 500R
  • Interior: Custom 5 – 7 passengers
  • Hull Horsepower Rating: 600 HP Per Side

Both longer and beamier than the 34XPR, the 37XPR is suited for larger crews, longer runs, and bigger water. The entire hull is made with high modulus carbon Innegra and E-glass laminates. The cockpit can be laid out to accommodate as many as seven adults in comfort and elegance, with custom molded bucket seats, high-end finishes, state-of-the-art electronics, a killer audio system, and a stylish full wraparound polycarbonate windshield. Large lockers provide plenty of room to stow gear, while aft steps and an integrated swim platform with ladder make water access easy.

But don’t think that the added size and amenities of the 37XPR detract from her performance. Rigged with Mercury Racing 450Rs or 500Rs, she cruises easily and comfortably at 80 mph, lifted on a bubble of air compressed by her wide tunnel wing. And her Variable Speed Running Surface features the same secret sauce that gives her smaller siblings their unmatched handling and agility.

SPM Cockpit and engine view

Length: 37 Feet

Beam: 10′ 4″

Rigged Dry Weight: 5,600 Lbs.

Fuel Capacity: 300 Gallons

Smart Performance Marine 34 XPR on the lake
37 XPR Stern View
37 XPR driver's position

The Phoenix Hull Design: An Extraordinary Driving Experience

Every Phoenix catamaran, from the race-ready 32XR to the versatile 37XCC, shares the same design elements, developed and refined by owner Chris Schoenbohm over decades of modifying, building, rigging and racing outboard catamarans. In combination, they add up to an unparalleled combination of acceleration, speed, efficiency and, most importantly, handling.

The truth is that all high-end, wide-body outboard cats are fast and efficient. What distinguishes the on-water performance of Phoenix cats from the rest is an extraordinary driving experience. From the beginning, Schoenbohm has focused on improving turning, handling and driver feedback. The result of his work is a lineup of catamarans that handle predictably, responsively and safely — that are at once thrillingly fast but also easier to drive than anything else in their class.

SPM 37 XPR bow to stern view.

Asymmetrical Hull Design — Catamarans with symmetrical sponsons — where the “inside” and “outside” of each sponson has the same shape — are essentially two long, narrow boats bridged by the deck. They ride comfortably at lower speeds but are sluggish and inefficient, requiring a pile of horsepower to run on plane. High-performance catamarans, like the Phoenix lineup, use asymmetrical sponsons, where the “inside surface” of each sponson is nearly vertical. Well-designed asymmetrical catamarans are far more efficient than symmetrical, packing air between the sponsons to lift the hull out of the water and reduce wetted surface. They also handle better, especially in high-speed turns.

Dual High-Flow Ventilated Steps — Hull-bottom steps pull air onto the running surface, reducing drag to improve speed and efficiency. They also yield a flatter running attitude on plane and effectively separate the boat’s bottom into three distinct sections. This offers the opportunity to design each of the three running surface sections differently. The twin steps found on the Phoenix bottom have been refined over more than a decade to maximize air flow for superior efficiency and to yield the ideal running angle at any speed.

Variable Speed Running Surface — The signature design feature of the Phoenix lineup, the patented Variable Speed Running Surface consists of three distinct surfaces — one forward of the forward step, one between the steps, and a third aft of the aft step. Each has been exhaustively refined to provide optimum performance and any speed from sub-planing, where the entire running surface is submerged, to wide-open throttle, where only the last foot or less of the hull contacts the water. It is because of this running that Phoenix cats lean into turns, handle more predictably, and are easier to drive than any other outboard cat.

High-Compression Tunnel Wing — At speed, a high-performance catamaran behaves much like an aircraft in ground effect, riding on a pillow of air compressed between the wings and the ground. On a catamaran, the “wing” is the deck between the sponsons, so its shape is critical. The “roof” of the Phoenix tunnel is slightly convex forward, transitioning to flat aft for maximum compression, which translates to maximum lift and efficiency. The tunnel wing is also slightly downturned at the leading edge to help keep the bow down at high speeds for improved control and efficiency.

Manually Adjustable Bracket — All Phoenix catamarans are rigged with our patented manually adjustable bracket, manufactured for Smart Performance Marine by Latham Marine. Engines are hung slightly outboard of the centerline of each sponson as well as canted to help the boat lean into turns.

Standard Equipment INCLUDEDBUILT-IN

  • Phoenix Variable Speed running surface

  • Wide-body 63-inch tunnel

  • Dual – high-flow hull steps

  • Engineered laminate construction

  • Handcrafted with Pro-set epoxy

  • 1″ thick engineered structural coring

  • Diamond safety barrier for passenger safety/protection

  • Fully infused hull, deck, and bulkheads

  • Integrated transom knee supports

  • Hand-cut core to ensure the tightest fit and precise tolerances

  • Hull and deck bonded and taped with pro-set laminating epoxy

  • Engine stringer and support systems

  • Phoenix manual adjustable engine bracket built by Latham Marine

  • Stylized interior cockpit options with recessed panels

  • 8-foot wide cockpit seating area to accompany your choice of bucket seat configurations

  • Ample storage and leg room  for passengers

  • Large protective polycarbonate windshield

  • Flush mount pop-up cleats, hinges, and latches

  • Rear swim platform

  • 3” aircraft fuel fills, fuel senders, pickups, and vents

  • Custom interior  

  • Stainless steel lifting eyes in bow and stern

  • Exclusive Phoenix high gloss white gel coat

  • Variable Speed Running Surface eliminates the need for the tunnel to pack and blow out air that causes porpoising

SPM 37 XPR bow photo.